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About The E-911 Addressing System

The purpose of the E-911 Addressing System is to provide a system of addressing for all residences and businesses throughout Washington County. Numerical E-911 addresses will be assigned once the driveway has been established. The numerical street addresses are assigned according to the distance the driveway is located along a certain road. Please note, that we do not assign 911 numbers to vacant land.

All residences and businesses in Washington County must have an E-911 address. Without it, your home or business may not be located quickly in the event of an emergency. Most existing structures currently have an E-911 address, but if you move to a new home or open a new business, it is necessary to follow county guidelines to ensure that it will be part of the E-911 address system.

Address Posting Requirements

Your address should be posted at your driveway and on your home or new business, if more than 50ft. from drive, with numbers that are also visible at night and from both directions. Emergency responders (police, sheriff, fire or ambulance) should not have to search for your location if your address is properly displayed.

How To Apply For A 911 Address

  1. Complete the E-911 Address Application
  2. Submit completed form, application fee of $25.00 and property deed to the Washington County Planning Office. If the property does not contain road footage property deed and survey must indicate legal access.
  3. Within thirty (30) days of address assignment, place newly assigned address at the driveway. Lettering must measure three (3) inches or larger. Contact your local poster office for information on mailbox placement.
  4. Final inspections will not be completed by Washington County Building Department of the Florida Department of Health without the property address displayed.

The E-911 Address Application Can Be Found Here

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